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Episode 9(a) GenCon Review

Welcome to episode 9(a)

This is our GenCon review! An astute listening may notice the minor (a) in the title. Let’s just say we have a lost episode that may be unsafe to release for fear of cause a geek revolt or worse the Apocalypse!

Please listen and enjoy!

Episode 7 – Sunday afternoon musings!

Welcome to Episode 7 – Sunday afternoon musings

It was an action packed weekend for our fellow co-hosts. A weekend filled with gaming and fun. There was role-playing, wargaming and even a baby shower thrown in to change things up. We took Sunday afternoon to reflect upon our fun filled days…. join us and listen in!

We hope you have fun weekend as well. Please give us your feed back and suggestions!

Episode 6 – Victory!

Welcome to episode 6

We last left the heroes battling the noisy evil Lawn Car Gang. Would they survive to record another podcast? Could they overcome the forces of evil and prevail?

I’m happy to report we gather our wits and came together to record another exciting episode for our listener! Please enjoy and we welcome all feedback and suggestions!

Episode 5 – Invasive Lawn care

Welcome to episode 5!

In this episode we find our mighty heroes facing the evil Lawn Care Gang or otherwise known as ELCG. Can they over come the combined might of mowers, edgers and leaf blowers to succeed in their quest to record a podcast?

Listen in and find out!