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My holiday movie blu-rays are still in a pile next to the tv. Holiday Inn, The Hogfather, etc. Next to them are a couple pulp paperbacks; The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, and Odd Science Fiction, a compilation by Frank Belknap Long. My TARDIS coffee cup sits next to my Universal Horror Monsters action figures, a bust of Wakko (Animaniacs), a cribbage board, and a photo of my husband's mom and dad. The stack of Sandman comics I borrowed from a friend is slowly getting read. On my desk are about 20 miniatures in various stages of being painted, because that's what I do for a living, as does my husband, who paints miniatures at a table about ten feet away from me. And now it's time to make coffee, and eat lunch.

Hello world!


A podcast dedicated to covering the games, products and systems of various miniatures and games. Staying away from the large behemoths of the industry, we will focus on smaller companies, Kickstarter, and smaller game companies.

We will also feature hobby trips and tricks, general gaming geekery and how to embrace your fandom both locally and nationally.